It is often the case that circumstances in someone’s life suddenly lead them into discovering a new path that previously seemed hidden...

I had been a volunteer with the Mayhew Animal Home in London for a number of years and worked specifically with unwanted and very sick rabbits. I fostered and nursed untold numbers at my home, and found new loving homes for every one.

It was during my work with Rescue Centres that an animal first communicated with me with startling clarity. Incredible though it sounds, I reached out and touched him, and in return felt an electric shock of energy and imagery which reduced me to tears. I just knew this meant his death was near, and even more incredible, he knew it too. The owner of the Centre phoned me to say he died the next day.

From then on, I developed my intuitive and empathic abilities, working closely with vets, clarifyi
ng medical or behavioural problems. I further found that working with photographs of animals meant I could reach more of them and faster by helping people over the phone. I set up workshops on a monthly basis so that friends and others could learn the techniques of this wonderful gift and become closer to their own animals. In fact it was at one such workshop that I partnered Pea Horsley (her very first attendance), and she reported being ‘blown away’ by my insight  through telepathy into her front room and her cat Texas!

I’ve spoken with many animals of all species - those still with us and those passed over. Working alongside healers and veterinary surgeons, many animals are referred to me. 'If only they could tell me what was wrong..'  animals can of course tell us, if our minds are open enough to listen!

I conduct all my communications with complete honesty and compassion. The chat we have surrounding the communication will include everything you wish to know - all the questions you want to ask of your animal companion.

I am happy to give Reiki or natural spiritual healing to any animal, and this I use in conjunction with communication.  Please consult a vet first if your animal is ill.

You will find me listed in Penelope Smith's Animal Communicator's Directory/Europe. She is a highly respected animal communicator who has been working with animals since 1971. 

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About Anna
Anna was a godsend for Kitty, she told me how she was feeling and helped us both towards the end as to what Kitty wanted. She also talked to Kitty after she passed and knowing that she was happy on the other side and in a truly wonderful place, helped me a great deal. She brought Kitty and I closer together.  I have, and would recommend Anna.

Jackie, Missimoo, Angel's Kitty and Tuppence XXXX

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