Professional Animal Communicator Anna is committed to enriching your relationship with your pet and increasing the awareness of animals as   intelligent and sentient beings         

Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking              
Do you want to know how they are feeling?  
        Did you ever imagine animal communication was possible?

Anna is a highly experienced animal communicator and has been helping pets and their owners for many years.  Solving dilemmas - behavioural issues - is your animal in pain? - how would they feel about a companion - is this the right time to let him go? - why is she not using the litter-box? ..
Anna's compassion, honesty, integrity and huge love of animals brings them closer together with their humans in unconditional love! Using healing and telepathy in a unique combination to help you in the best way possible.
If you would like to book an appointment with Anna or ask any questions about how animal communication could help your relationship with your pet, please contact her either by phone or email via the ‘Contacts’ page. 
Anna works with all species of animals, both distantly by phone or through home visits throughout the UK.  Anna also communicates with animals that are currently with us and those that have passed over.
She is very committed to rescue work and has been a volunteer with the Mayhew Animal Home for a long time, where she has helped staff and animals with communication.  She is also working closely with the R.S.P.C.A. for the benefit and welfare of all animals.    

Workshops for 2016 to be announced!
Be brave, step out with a purpose, and join our transformative Animal Communication Workshop. I promise you fun, laughter and heart-felt communication on a level you never before thought possible!
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'Anna's amazing insight and advice was invaluable in making a very difficult
decision regarding how to proceed with treatment for my very ill boy. I will always be grateful for her compassion and support at an extremely distressing time.'

Nazrene Moosa, 

Senior Veterinary Surgeon,  Coulsdon

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