If you would like me to talk with your animal friend, either one that is with you or one that has passed over, I will need a good photograph, preferably showing the eyes clearly. This you can either send to me by email or through the post (please contact me for address). I work internationally, so distance is no object.

Send the photo to me together with the following details.

Name, age, gender, breed and how long you’ve been together.

Remember to include the questions or messages for your animal (5/6 please)

When I have received your photo, payment and the above details, I will contact you by email to schedule a time to talk with you.

I spend 45 - 60 mins communicating with your pet BEFORE I call you, and then we discuss all the issues arising and make a realistic action plan to help you and your pet move forward.  Throughout our telephone conversation I am connected with your pet and it’s essentially a three-way conversation.

A consultation costs £95 for an animal with us or passed over and lasts approximately     one hour on the phone with you.

If you believe you have an urgent situation, Anna will prioritise your booking where possible.  If this includes short notice, evenings or weekends, an additional £30 will apply. Please send details when booking.

* *Please note that Anna is not taking on missing animals at the moment  * *                                

Payment must be made before a booking can be scheduled

             If you prefer to pay by cheque please contact me for the address

Disclaimer:  I am not a vet!. My role is to describe the symptoms revealed by your animal during our communication, which can be used to assist your vet or animal practitioner.  If you are worried about your pet’s state of health, please don’t hesitate to consult a good veterinary surgeon.  Thank you!

Please note: the full fee is payable if a booking is cancelled within 72 hours, and an admin fee of £10 is payable for all other cancellations.  Payments by cheque and where work has already commenced are charged pro rata.

My office hours are between 11am and 6pm Monday - Friday. Should you require a consultation outside of these times, please contact me, as a surcharge may apply.

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“My ultimate aim as an animal communicator is to give you the truth as accurately as I can convey it, with the utmost compassion and wisdom”

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