I feel I must write and tell you how grateful I am to you for communicating with Penny. Following your conversations Penny really relaxed and became much more friendly with other people, and it seemed to me that when I spoke to her about you, she knew and responded.  She is so much happier!  I recommended my friends to you and they are very grateful that you spoke with Tango, as it has helped them greatly 

Mary, West Sussex


I asked Anna to communicate with my horse Oscar when I was in the process of buying him, I felt that there were issues with him physically and I wanted to try to confirm that he was the horse for me. Anna was extremely accurate on a number of issues including a problem with the right hind leg. This problem was also picked up later by the vet  who checked Oscar over. What came across in the reading was Oscar's sense of humour and what a kind boy he is. This has also turned out to be very accurate. In the reading he had said he loved to look at flowers and that they were important to him, but I didn't see any flowers on my first visit. When I went to view him a second time, however, I saw him in his stable, and there was a huge rose bush surrounded by lavender right outside it, something you don't normally see in a livery yard!

I was in no doubt that Anna was in communication with Oscar and I am very grateful to her for what she was able to tell me. It certainly helped me to make decision to buy Oscar.

Jane Horsman

Equine Shiatsu Practitioner


Thank you so much for talking with Rommel yesterday.  Not only did it help me in looking after him but it had a wonderful effect on him.  He woke up in high spirits - better than he has been for weeks and is altogether better all round today.  I think you must have taken a burden off his mind

Jennifer, Polegate



Anna is a truly committed Animal Communicator, who has an amazing gift, and an ability that enables her to help wherever possible share in the thoughts and feelings of your beloved pet. When on occasion one of my cats has become ill, Anna's insight into their needs helped me with my approach on how to take the best course of action to make them feel comfortable, and most importantly, loved.
Anita, London


Some months ago our Cairn Terrier, Toto, started pulling out fur, as well as scratching a great deal. I had to leave her with some trusted friends while we went on holiday and Toto's condition became much worse while we were away, requiring visits to a Naturopathic Vet and a variety of conventional and herbal treatments. When we collected Toto she was in a sorry state. This is when I was recommended to contact Anna for a consultation.

Exactly one hour prior to making the pre arranged phone call to Anna, my husband and I were intrigued to notice Toto's behaviour.... she started leaping round the lounge room, sitting down, then leaping round again - she seemed most excited. We soon found that this was when Anna was "speaking" with Toto. Toto told Anna that she had been naughty and the reason that she was pulling her hair out was that she felt that she needed to punish herself for being naughty. As Toto is not a young puppy, it took me a while to realize what had initiated this whole pattern of behaviour ..... I told Toto off when she attacked a blue-tongue lizard in our garden, fearing that she may become brave enough to attack a poisonous snake that sometimes are found in our garden. It seems that the timing of placing her with friends when we went on holidays reinforced the idea in Toto's mind that she had been very naughty indeed to send her away from us. With Anna's help we were able to understand the underlying cause, and with constant doses of TLC - cuddles, reassurance that she did not need to punish herself, that it was a misunderstanding and giving lots of praise for growing her lovely fur back again, we have seen a steady improvement in Toto's well being. All the fur has grown back on her tail, and there are no more bald patches on her hind quarters!

Toto also told Anna that she "doesn't have a voice".....as Toto has a very strong bark, and barks when living at home if other dogs are walking in the street, it dawned on me that Toto must be feeling very frustrated about not being allowed to bark when we stay at a flat in the city as it would cause complaints from other residents. Anna suggested that we always explain things to Toto.....so now, instead of saying "be quiet" I tell Toto that we need her to be quiet because other people do not like to hear the noise. This has made a difference - now Toto gives soft little "woof"s to tell me that another dog is out on a walk, then comes in from the balcony!!!

I mentioned to Anna that Toto rarely brings the ball back to me when playing with her..... expecting me to run after her. Now, Toto brings the ball back to me until she has had enough of the game!

Our thanks to Anna for helping us to understand what Toto was thinking and feeling, so that we could help her to regain her well being and joy in life. 
* * * * * * * * * *

Rufus had serious behavioural problems that just weren't going away, and he was referred to me by a homeopathic vet. He had already had extensive tests from a conventional vet and further attempts at diagnosis by the homeopath.

When I connected with Rufus through his photograph, I had no details about his condition. In communicating with him I found a selection of problems, which his owner confirmed to me. For example, Rufus told me he had hit the right side of his head on a car door; his back right leg was giving him pain; he had difficulty breathing (his owner confirmed his vocal chords were paralyzed and affecting his airways), and in addition he mentioned a lot of day to day things that his owner said were correct. Throughout my conversation with Rufus he showed me his bad headache and pain in his right ear. Neither of the vets had picked up on this and of course this kind of pain is not obvious.
His owner took him to a healer, who subsequently rang me and confirmed that Rufus did indeed have a shocking headache and pain in his right ear. He continued to do healing on Rufus and his behavioural problems gradually began to subside.
His owner wrote to me ... "My grateful thanks to you again for pin-pointing the problem, I don't know how the situation would have been resolved without you."

* * * * * * * * * *
 Well what can I say about Anna’s skills? Anna has helped us on numerous occasions with our rabbits, either when they are ill or when we feel they are not quite right in themselves. I have taken my rabbits to the vets and found out what was wrong with them, but still in the back of my mind I had to be sure and this is where Anna has been a great help to us. I don't tell Anna what the vets have said, but ask Anna to communicate with them. Anna has then told me what is wrong with the bunny and this lady is spot on, and not on just one occasion either, but on many. We feel confident that Anna will point us in the right direction on each of our rabbits.
One example was our beloved Jemima-Belle (British Giant). We had taken her to the vets on several occasions and had different tests done to find out why she would not eat and while we were awaiting her blood results, I had a feeling that Anna would be of help, so I e-mailed her and she got straight on the phone to me and asked who I would like her to speak to. I told her it was Jemima and told her nothing else about our trips to the vets. Anna later phoned back and we had a three way conversation (Anna, me and Jemima), in which I asked Anna to ask Jemima to eat for her daddy. Anna asked the question and then gave me the reply. Jemima had told Anna it would not make any difference if she ate or not and that she was very tired, but not in pain. I then told Anna all about our vet trips and things fell into place. A few days later we had our report back from the vets and it was found that Jemima was in kidney failure and her liver had packed up. Then it hit me, our Jemima had told Anna that it would not make any difference if she ate or not. We lost Jemima a few days later, but I feel Anna’s help was invaluable to us. 

We run a rabbit retirement home, taking in old, ill and disabled bunnies and would have no hesitation to call Anna in the future. I really cannot speak more highly of Anna, as even if it is bad news Anna explains it from the rabbits' view and this helps us immensely. I know that Anna will be called on by us many more times in the future and we know she will help.

John, Jay Evans 

Ebony-Eyes Rabbit Retirement Home, North Wales. 
* * * * * * * * * *
‘Truly amazing’ ...... that is how I would describe Anna.

Anna entered my life when I was in desperate need of guidance. I believe that without her encouragement and advice, I would not have been able to make the last 8 month’s of my Sim Sim’s life comfortable and happy.

I had only known Anna for a couple of hours, when she delicately held my precious Sim Sim and spoke to him. Within the space of 15 minutes Anna was able to answer all my questions.
I am very fortunate to know such a rare person as Anna and each time I have any worries about any of my bunnies Anna is always the first person I call. Through Anna I am able to communicate with my beloved rabbits, ensuring they want for nothing, this is a precious gift.
Alexis, Middlesex
* * * * * * * * * *
I contacted Anna for her help in communicating with my dog Benji who, ever since the age of just
over 2, had a problem with male dogs, brought on by an unfortunate encounter with a Jack Russell. His problem was so severe, we had to keep him from male dogs at all costs.
Anna's initial communication with Benji showed that she was getting through to the core problem. A few further communications have been of great help and comfort to Benji. Anna told me that he wants to improve and will do all he can so long as I work with him, which is what I'm doing. He's not out of the woods by a long shot, but he's a lot better than he has been and I just know he's going to improve further, thanks to Anna.
Christine, Manchester

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The first thing my dog told Anna was that although her name is Malandra, she has a nickname and that's what we called her...and right then I knew that Anna indeed had been talking to her. All the things Anna picked up made sense, Malandra's thoughts about her life, about us (her and me), about things that amused her, things that relaxed her, little habits that she used to have and even her taste in colours, music and food. However, what helped me even more was the conversations we continued having after her passing. Anna made it possible for me to listen to Malandra, which soothed my soul and healed the pain caused by her loss and for that no words will ever be enough to thank her.

Anna's biggest quality as an animal communicator is the way she taught me about my pets needs: with her own unique and soft "touch" she made me realize that every pet is different, just like a human, and that in order to make them feel safe, happy and balanced I have to adapt my ways to their character in order for them to respond in a positive way. Last but certainly not least she has always been eager to answer any of my questions concerning animal communication and she has even encouraged me to dig deeper into the subject and maybe one day discover and develop the same gift.

Because of these things I am convinced that she is a person who truly cares about animals, since her main goal is to teach us how to improve our bond with them. Aspa, Norway

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We all know that the only real downside of living with animals is losing them. I knew from early in the year that 2010 was likely to be my dog’s last, and after a close call in April I tracked down Anna who was able to ask him how he really felt and if there was anything I could do to make his remaining time with me easier.

While what she told me confirmed my fears it also enabled me to fully prepare for him going, and treasure every moment we still had. It was over two months before I asked her to talk to him again, as he had ‘passed over’ leaving me with a big unanswered question.

What she said made complete sense, and while nothing takes away the feeling of loss, I know that he is fine and that I did all that I could - which is what makes it bearable. I just can’t wait to go on one of Anna’s workshops and find out more about her incredible gift.

                                                             Hilary, East Sussex



Once more, thank you very much for talking with her. It’s strange but every time we talk on the phone
after you spoke to one of my girls I have this  sensation of "peacefulness"all over me...like some kind of different awareness...as if for a moment I can see the world through their eyes and everything seems so light and so easy...almost like air

A. Theodossiou

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