The rabbit? ...  Max arrived on our doorstep as a forlorn foster bunny - an orphan boy at Christmas time. His previous owner had over 26 animals and Max and other rabbits had been kept un-neutered, in separate hutches in a shed. There was no room for him in the Rescue Centre and to be truthful, not in my house either. But I until I made more space he slept every night on my bed.

When Max and I first met he was very thin and rigid with stress. His teeth were a mess, but after treatment they improved he began to gain weight.

Max was involved with my animal communication from the outset, and at  workshops I organised he made his feelings known. If he disapproved then you would know by him deliberately banging his food bowl against the chair leg!

Max soon decided that I should set up my own website, and even gave it a name. I was several miles away from home at the time, but the answer came from him in a flash - Pet Talk!  It’s possible to learn so much from our animal companions, and that’s why I have decided to dedicate myself to helping you hear your own beloved companions when they talk with you.   

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Max attended each and every workshop I organised.  As well as enabling us to understand and therefore help them in their own lives, animals empower us by their vision of who we are as human beings 

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