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This Workshop is for those who have completed a previous course with Anna.  Please contact to discuss if it would be suitable for you!

On this One Day Workshop you will have lots of opportunities to practice your skills, with live animal guests, animals who have passed over, and to also work with photographs of animals still with us. 

We will practice medical gestalt (body scanning) and remote viewing, including tracking lost animals.  We will also discuss how an Animal Communicator copes with animals who are dying, who are facing euthanasia, and those who have passed over.

Workshops 2019 - July 6/7th

Max 10 participants

Suitable for beginners and more experienced alike

Venue:  Ealing, W5 London 

Saturday: Introduction to Animal Communication:  10.30am to 4.30pm

You will be introduced to animal communication - what it is and how it works.  You will learn how to send and receive information telepathically. .

We will work with visiting animal guest teachers, brought along by their owners, who will verify the information we receive, and also remotely using photographs.  Meditations will strengthen our intuition and our ability to trust what our animals are telling us.

In every instance there will be opportunities to verify the information you receive from an animal, whether by photograph or in person.  You will be shown Anna’s Heart-Love way of connecting with any animal of any species.

The environment is extremely supportive, and you will leave equipped with the knowledge to communicate with your loved animals at home and those of your friends.


Sunday: Practice & Intermediate day:  10.30am to 4.30pm

Those who have completed a beginner's workshop will have the opportunity to build on their skills and deepen their knowledge.  Once again there will be visiting guest animal teachers and further working with photographs.

You will also learn about the greater subtleties of animal communication, including a body scanning technique. First scanning an animal from the outside and then using the gestalt method whereby you move your consciousness inside an animal’s body to discover physical and emotional issues. 

We will explore remote viewing and how this can be used to track missing animals and also touch on the experiences animals have when they transition, and how it is for them when they are in spirit.

This workshop will refine your ability to communicate and help animals in all stages of their lives, and particularly with behavioural, emotional and physical problems.  This experience is very individual and unique.

With personal guidance and individual coaching from Anna, you will learn to communicate meaningfully with animals and deepen your connection with them by understanding who they really are.

Please see NEWS page for reviews and photos

To pay by cheque or bank transfer just contact me!

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