Would you like to: 

build a better relationship with your animal?

  1. - shed light on difficult or confusing behaviours?

  2. -  find out if your loved companion is in pain?

  3. -  ask your loved one if now is the right time to leave?

  4. -  talk with an animal who has passed over into spirit?

Understanding our animals is the key to making positive changes.

I can talk with your animal companion during a home visit, but also from simply looking at their photo.  The information I receive is the same.  A consultation is an opportunity for you to have a direct exchange with your animal friend, whether they are still in body or have transitioned. 

                                                                                            Animals communicate all the time using a non-verbal language of the senses, through pictures, emotions, sensations and thoughts. To hear what our animals have to say, we have to quieten our minds. Animals long to communicate, and to hear them we need to be on their wavelength.

By tuning into their quiet and subtle energy I can exchange information directly with them and communicate non-verbally like they do, using my senses.

I call the wonderful heart to heart connection I have with animals my “heart-love” connection

In essence, I translate what they have to say into words - whether they are feeling happiness, pain, and on a very deep level I communicate with them when they are dying so that they can make their wishes known. Talking is such a beneficial thing for both pet and owner, and can often assist your vet with medical concerns. When they have passed over, I can also talk with them about how their ‘life’ is now.

A typed transcript isn’t supplied, so please have pen and paper at the ready!



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“When Anna shared with me what Diego had told her, she did it with kindness and compassion, and very importantly, without judgement. She then made practical suggestions about what I could change to help Diego. As a result of this, both Diego and I are happier, and our bond has strengthened beyond measure. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of their pet”                                                                                   Lisa, Homeopath, Hailsham, East Sussex